Iron Airsoft - iron Airsoft AAC fast-attach blast shield with flash hider

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Product Code: (SK947) iron Airsoft AAC blast shield and fhider
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iron Airsoft  AAC fast-attach blast shield with flash hider

These do not like the threading on G&P barrel but will thread easily onto UFC, Madbull threading etc.

The Iron Airsoft QD Blast Shield for 51T Flash Hider Series is designed to offer significant concussion reduction for the rifleman and nearby team members in a CQB environment by directing concussive force of rifle gunfire forward instead of to the sides. It is especially effective on short barrel rifles or any rifle with a muzzle brake/compensator device.


  • CNC Machined Aluminum / Steel construction
  • Quick-Detachable
  • Fits A-Style Flash Hider
  • Steel A-Style Flash Hider included (clockwise thread)

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