SHS Aluminum Ver.3 Spring Guide with Bearing (Pink)

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Product Code: (SK575) SHS Aluminum Ver.3 Spring Guide with Bearing (Pink)
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SHS Aluminum Ver.3 Spring Guide with Bearing (Pink)

Spring bearings do a very important job inside your gearbox. They ensure the smooth operation of your gearbox by maintaining a consistently straight compression for your main spring, they also ensure that the spring can rotate freely on its axis without becoming snagged.

If you are building a high FPS rifle which many AK owners look to do because of the long barrel length then a high quality spring guide will be essential to the continued smooth operation of your gearbox.

This SHS Steel spring guide with Bearing is a high quality Steel upgrade part intended for standard or high fps builds alike.


  • Steel Construction
  • For Version 3 AEG Gearbox
  • Pink Colour
  • Bearing Included
  • Heat Treated
  • Low Resistance Anti-Snag Coating

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