Dave's Custom Airsoft - Golden Patch

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Dave's Custom Airsoft - Golden Patch

125 Identical envelopes, 1 x Dave's Custom Airsoft Velcro Patch in 124 envelopes, 1 x Gold Painted Dave's Custom Airsoft Patch in a single envelope. The single Golden patch allows the recipient to purchase £1250 worth of Retail Value stock from, be this on goodies, rifle packages* etc.

There is no limit to how many patch envelopes you can purchase. no patches will be sent until all have sold, there is no time limit set on this.

If your shipping address is different to your billing address please add this to the comments section.

This listing is for a £10.00 per item purchased, this listing includes an envelope, postage and a standard Dave's Custom Airsoft Patch, Do not purchase any of these products if you are not happy to receive one of our patches at a cost of £10.00 including postage. Tell your friends & help to get these sold so they can be sent out.

*international orders accepted, replica guns cannot be shipped outside the UK. Should you receive the golden patch if you wish to purchase an airsoft replica as part of your order you must be over 18, if not you will be limited to parts and accessories that are non restricted. If you are over 18 and do not have UKARA and you wish to add an airsoft replica to your package we will 2-tone free of charge for you. If you are over 18 and hold UKARA or a valid VCRA defence you can have anything you want from our site as it comes.

all 125 envelopes will be shipped at the same time once all 125 have sold, they will all be sent 1st class. Envelopes will be filled and have addresses added to them via live facebook feed at a time advertised once all envelopes are sold.


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