UFC Night Fire Tracer Unit (Rechargeable UK Plug USB, 14mm CCW)

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Product Code: (SK189) UFC Night Fire Tracer Unit (Rechargeable USB, 14mm CCW)
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UFC Night Fire Tracer Unit (Rechargeable UK Plug USB, 14mm CCW)

This high quality Tracer unit is threaded in CCW and designed in a KAC Style Finish.

*pic for reference. Comes with a UK Plug.

You no longer have to worry about going through millions of batteries as this tracer unit features an internal battery for charging. like your phone is can be charged from any USB connection charger, or UK plug.


  • High Quality Aluminum Construction
  • Built-in 1000mAh Lithium battery
  • Fluorescent Full Auto Tracer
  • 14mm Counter Clockwise Threading
  • Black Color
  • KAC Style Design
  • 3-4 hrs until Fully Charged
  • Includes 100 Illuminated Tracer BBs

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