Ares L1A1 SLR AEG (Real Wood Furniture)

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Ares L1A1 SLR AEG (Real Wood Furniture)

The L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle, also known as the SLR (Self-Loading Rifle), by the Canadian Army designation C1A1 (C1) or in the US as the "inch pattern" FAL. is a British version of the FN FAL. The L1A1 is produced under licence and has seen use in the Australian Army, Canadian Army, Indian Army, Jamaican Army, Malaysian Army, New Zealand Army, Rhodesian Army, South African Defence Force and most importantly the British Army.

The original FAL was designed in Belgium using metric dimensions, while the components of the "inch-pattern" FALs are manufactured to a slightly modified design using British Imperial Units. Many sub-assemblies are interchangeable between the two types, while components of those sub-assemblies may not be compatible. Notable incompatibilities include the magazines and the butt-stock, which attach in different ways.

The Ares version is a high quality replica with 1:1 scale and metal / Real Wood construction. This rifle has incredibly high quality internal and external performance. Coming semi automatic only out of the box seperate fire selectors are available on our website which will also provide fully automatic. Railed Top Covers are also available seperately on our website.

SUIT Sight not included but can be purchased at alot of Deactivated weapon stores and looks awesome with this rifle.

Spare Magazines are available here

Full Auto Fire Selectors are available here

Railed Top Covers ara available here

Our recommend upgrade package should you wish to add this for this weapon includes the following; (Parts Used will vary according to availability, only premium parts are used any financial difference will be refunded, any increase in costs will be absorbed by us).

  • Prometheus Purple Bucking
  • Prometheus Flat Hop Tensioner
  • Prometheus EG Barrel 550mm
  • Guarder SP120 Spring


  • Long Barrel Design For Accurate Long Range Shooting
  • Foldable Carrying Handle
  • 410 fps
  • Steel Top Cover
  • Zinc Alloy Upper & Lower Receiver
  • Metal Flip Rear Sight
  • Flip Bolt Release Handle
  • Reinforced Metal Gearbox
  • Full Steel Gear Set
  • 1160mm Long
  • 3.9kg
  • Real Wood Furniture
  • Semi Auto Only (can be made full auto with the L1A1 selector Available Seperately)
  • 120rnd Mid Cap Magazine 14mm CW Threaded Barrel          

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