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DCA - LCT AK7M4 Post Apocalyptic Edition

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Brand: DCA
Product Code: (SK5652) DCA - LCT AK7M4 Post Apocalyptic Edition
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DCA - LCT AK7M4 Post Apocalyptic Edition

The world is near the end, everything as you know it has gone, and you need a weapon to defend yourself... AK7M4! Starting its life as an AK-105, after being stolen from a group of surviving Russian Spetsnaz, and smuggled across Europe to the UK, scavengers modified this rifle to suit their needs, to fight against the horrors that await them! This Post-Apocalyptic style gun is an amazing example of the struggle and workmanship of those trying to survive!

This rifle boasts an incredible amount of rail estate to fit any attachments you find, and after brutal engagements, an improvised charging handle was made! An extremely comfortable cheek piece makes for very ergonomic aiming down sights. The magwell along with the extended magazine release, increases the ease and speed of reloading. And for when things get tough, the extended paddle on the fire selector allows ease of switching fire modes!

This rifle has a full steel receiver, stock and dust cover, proving fantastic resilience and strength. To get this awesome finish, we employed a series of techniques such as sandblasting, bluing and FIRE! 

This rifle is internally stock, our recommend upgrade package should you wish to add this for this weapon includes the following; (Parts Used will vary according to availability, only premium parts are used any financial difference will be refunded, any increase in costs will be absorbed by us).

  • ZCI 6.01mm Stainless Inner Barrel
  • SHS 13:1 Gear Set
  • SHS 9mm Stainless Steel Airsoft Gearbox Bushings
  • ZCI 14 Full Steel Teeth Piston
  • Modify Polycarbonate Piston Head
  • Castellan High Torque Short Shaft AEG Motor
  • Element Aluminium Cylinder Head for Ver.3 AEG
  • Airlab Sorbo Pad
  • Prometheus Purple Bucking
  • Prometheus Flat Hop Tensioner
  • Modify AEG Gearbox Shim Set (24 Piece)
  • Guarder SP90
  • Gate Titan V3 Advanced Set


  • 3.8Kg
  • 86cm stock extended/ 63cm stock folded
  • All metal parts are steel with the exception of the Railed Handguard
  • Batteries stored in the top cover
  • Adjustable Hop Unit
  • SVD Cheek Rest
  • Quick Mag Release
  • Magazine Well Extension
  • Bolt For Charging Handle
  • Railed top cover
  • Kill Streak Markings
  • Unique Finish
  • Apocalyptic Design
  • Worn Effect
  • V3 Gearbox LCT
  • LCT AK-105 Base Rifle
  • Polymer Pistol Grip
  • 24mm AK Threaded
  • Folding Steel Stock
  • Tactical Fire Selector


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