Ares SL10 AEG Sniper Rifle (Tactical ECU Version)

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Product Code: (SK4025) Ares SL10 AEG Sniper Rifle (Tactical ECU Version)
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Ares SL10 AEG Sniper Rifle (Tactical ECU Version)

The Ares SL10 with ECU is the latest in the Amoeba series of rifles and thus firing modes can be changed with the programmer, we have one in the shop so in case you dont want to buy one we can pre-set the rifle for you on request. Made from a durable Nylon Fibre this rifle looks and feels incredible with no shiny plastic to be seen at any point. This rifle is a perfect DMR base and will perform excellently out the box, although they come at sub 350fps and set to safe / semi / auto should you wish to roll this rifle as an assault platform. 

Our recommend upgrade package should you wish to add this for this weapon includes the following; (Parts Used will vary according to availability, only premium parts are used any financial difference will be refunded, any increase in costs will be absorbed by us).

  • Prometheus Purple Bucking
  • Prometheus Flat Hop Tensioner
  • Prometheus EG Barrel 500mm
  • Guarder SP120 Spring


  • 350fps
  • Safe / Semi / Auto out the box
  • Front Wired to Mini Tamiya
  • Nylon Fibre Construction 
  • Top Receiver 20mm RIS rail System
  • Iron Sights
  • High Torque Motor
  • Ares Amoeba Gearbox
  • EFCS System
  • 11.1v Lipo ready
  • Sniper Stock 
  • Sniper Pistol Grip
  • Short magazines 
  • Integrated bi-pod
  • 1020-1060mm Long 
  • 4.2kg

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