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Product Code: (SK5660) BOLT SWATK(F) AEG
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We make no secret that unlike most shops we do not stock just any old RIFs, there are a lot of rubbish guns on the market that we do not feel warrant your money, we have historically included any AEG made by BOLT into this category as we see so many shocking rifles come into us for work from this brand.

With that in mind however, the MP5K is one of those AEGs that is not commonly made and the best currently on the market would either be the TM which feels very plastic or the CYMA which naturally needs internal work. This BOLT MP5K has incredible quality externals, however, we suggest that you purchase the high spec upgrade package because to be honest we just do not trust BOLT internals. With our high spec package these will most certainly be the best MP5Ks available.

Spare Mid Cap Magazines are available here You need to use BOLT magazines for this AEG as they do not accept CYMA etc. 

Our recommend upgrade package should you wish to add this for this weapon includes the following; (Parts Used will vary according to availability, only premium parts are used any financial difference will be refunded, any increase in costs will be absorbed by us).

  • SHS 18:1 Gear Set
  • SHS 15 Full Steel Teeth Piston
  • SHS Stainless steel cylinder Type 2 Rear ported
  • Action Army Infinity motor long R45000R/ R40000R
  • NUPROL M4 Cylinder Head
  • Airlab Sorbo Pad
  • SHS alumnium nozzle
  • Prometheus Purple Bucking
  • ZCI 6.01mm Inner Barrel 
  • Modify AEG Gearbox Shim Set (24 Piece)
  • Guarder SP90
  • Gate Titan V2 


  • Construction material Aluminium / ABS, nylon, fiberglass and steel
  • Incredible External Quality
  • Die-cast metal body like the body of the real weapon
  • Safe, Semi, Full-auto shooting modes
  • Magazine capacity 100rnd
  • Length (adjustable) 350 mm
  • Weight 2100 g
  • Most internal parts are compatible with VER II standard MP5 AEG Marui spare parts
  • Reinforced gearbox
  • Aluminium piston with steel teeth
  • Steel gears
  • Motor: high torque long shaft
  • Precision barrel (standard) diameter 6.03 mm
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Electric Blow-back & Recoil System B.R.S.S (Recoil can be disabled by backing the arming lever to the open shutter position)
  • Mid-cap magazine 120bb
  • Stock this AEG requires 11.1v Lipo and our warranty will allow for this, with High Spec the warranty will only cover 7.4v

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