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GBB Replica wrench
Online Only Lead time 10-14 days
Brand: PPS Airsoft
GBB Replica wrench Green-gas replica wrench. It is made of steel and is used to mount and demount valves in the green-gas replicas (which are commonly placed in the magazines)...
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Nozzle extension for green gas Nozzle extension for green gas
Online Only Lead time 10-14 days
Brand: Abbey
Green gas nozzle adapter  - Extension Nozzles for Aerosols Abbey The nozzle adapter is an extension for the green gas bottle nozzle. It is very useful in the case of the deep placed nozzles...
Ex Tax:£2.16
NUPROL Premium Black Gas 4.0 (1000ml - 300gm)
On the shelf
NUPROL 4.0 Ultimate Power Gas is a Ultra high performance gas for rifles and IPSC, designed to operate at lower temperatures (between 3c - 20c) allowing to use your weapon all year round. Using this high power mix gives an increase in FPS, GBB efficiency and a harder kick. Each bottle is const..
Ex Tax:£11.67
Vorsk Gas (V6, V8, V12) 420ml
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Brand: Vorsk
This new gas from VORSK is very much along the same lines as the NUPROL Gas Series and offers excellent performance in all weathers, it features carefully calculated blends of propellant and oils to ensure your replica functions well and reliability over time.  The V6 Gas is equivalent to ..
Ex Tax:£10.83
NUPROL Premium Gas 1.0 (1000ml - 300gm)
On the shelf
After a considerable long time in the making and many requests by our customers, Specifically designed for Pistols with plastics slides or anyone who needs a lower power gas to bring down the FPS. Nuprol 1.0 Completes the range of Nuprol gas giving you a viable gas for whatever replica you use in wh..
Ex Tax:£8.33
ASG ULTRAAIR - 12g Co2 Capsule (Sold Individually)
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Brand: ASG
ULTRAAIR make the finest quality Co2 capsules available on the market today and at a very reasonable price bracket. These 12g cartridges are sold individually...
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Abbey Predator Maintenance Airsoft Gas 144a 270ml
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Brand: Abbey
Maintenance gas is vital for the proper function of gas guns, it is suggested to fill your magazines with this gas every 5-6 fills and to leave a small amount of this gas inside your mags for storage, this will prevent seals from drying out and leaking.  Features Abbey Predator Gun Gas..
Ex Tax:£7.50
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