Tokyo Marui DELTA Custom TM416 Recoil Shock AEG

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Tokyo Marui DELTA Custom TM416 Recoil Shock AEG

Tokyo Marui make some of the finest airsoft replicas in the world, their reputation for range, accuracy and reliability are second to none. Well, the recoil shock series of rifles sits at the very top of the Tokyo Marui product line and as well as incredibly internal quality and perfomance now boast full metal construction also. Tokyo Marui's Recoil Shock system also provides an excellently crisp blowback function which is great fun and adds that extra bit of realism to the game.

Please note unless you plan on using Tokyo Marui Next Gen Original Batteries (99.9% do not) you will need to select an option in the Lipo modification box above, be it Mini-Tamiya, Deans or XT60. Then simply add the following batteries with the same connector option Selecting a lipo modification on the gun is a requirement if you are ticking the CTR stock option above, the batteries in the sentence above are the correct ones to use with our CTR stocks as well as the standard stocks.

*Next Gen rifles are to be used with 7.4v Lipos only, use of 11.1v will void any warranty.

Upgrade Package Contents

Mosfet Only – Gate Titan NGRS Advanced Set Mosfet and installation only. This fantastic Mosfet eliminates the issue of gearbox lock up on semi-automatic, increases trigger response and speed and provides a host of programmable options. We set these Mosfet as they should be before dispatching and suggest that you leave the settings as we have set them. - £249.99

Tier 1 - Prometheus Purple Bucking, Prometheus Flat Hop Tensioner, M100 Spring, Prometheus Sintered Steel 6mm Bushings, Prometheus Hard Piston, Labour Charge. This package is designed to increase Range, Power (340fps) and Accuracy. - £190.00

Tier 2 - Prometheus Purple Bucking, Prometheus Flat Hop Tensioner, M100 Spring, Prometheus Sintered Steel 6mm Bushings, Prometheus Standard Torque Gear Set, Prometheus Hard Piston, Prometheus EG Inner Barrel, Prometheus Spring Guide, Labour Charge. This package is designed to further increase Range, Power (340fps), Accuracy and to a certain extent reliability. - £350.0​0

Tier 3 - Prometheus Purple Bucking, Prometheus Flat Hop Tensioner, M100 Spring, Prometheus Sintered Steel 6mm Bushings, EG Inner Barrel, Prometheus Standard Torque Gear Set, Prometheus Hard Piston 2nd & 3rd Teeth Removed, Prometheus Cylinder Head Machined Out by Airlab With Airlab 70D Sorbo Pad Fitted for AOE Correction, Prometheus Cylinder, Prometheus Piston Head, Prometheus Spring Guide, Tokyo Marui Samarium Cobalt Motor, Prometheus Tappet Plate, Prometheus New Type Air-Seal Nozzle, Labour Charge. This package is designed to further increase Range, Power (340fps) and Accuracy as well as improving reliability, consistency and trigger response. - £610.00​

Any Tier + Mosfet - As Per that Tier + GATE TITAN NGRS Advanced Set Mosfet. This package is designed improve reliability, consistency and trigger response. There are a multitude of other features associated with this multi-functional programmable Mosfet. Tier Cost + £149.99

All our custom builds, repairs and upgrade rifles have 6 months warranty as standard, you can also select lifetime warranty on the list above should you wish. Our TM Next gen upgrade packages are second to none, offering the finest possible high-end top spec upgraded TM recoils, we will beat any like for like quote from any reputable UK retailer.

If you wish to add your own list of parts to this rifle instead of a package simply add the parts from our site to your basket, then search 'fixed labour' add that product to basket and that will add our £100 fixed labour charge. You can also call us if you have any questions 01252 715 777 or email

Lifetime Internal Warranty

With Our Lifetime Internal Warranty Option should your rifle break internally we will arrange collection of your rifle, repair and return free of charge. This warranty is valid as long as we are still in business and applies only to the original purchaser of the rifle, this warranty cannot be passed onto a second owner should the rifle be sold, gifted or any other change of ownership. Rifles supplied with Lifetime Internal Warranty will be Sealed and Marked to prevent tampering and to ensure fair play.

As well as internal breakage this warranty also covers significant fps reduction, so, should your RIF go from 340fps to 310fps over the space of 10 years we will take it back, service and fit a new spring free of charge to return your rifle to its originally intended power.

Essentially this service enables you to rest assured that after your original purchase you will have a high quality incredible performing rifle for life. Mosfets are covered only by their manufacturers warranty period, as an example BTC mosfets carry a 3 year manufacturers warranty. If fitting mosfets we will give you back your original Trigger System so that this can be refitted at a later date if required.


  • Safe, Semi Automatic, Fully Automatic
  • 82rnd Next Gen M4 Magazine Included
  • 290 fps
  • Full Metal Construction
  • Rotary Style Adjustable Hop Unit
  • 72cm Long (Stock Retracted) 80cm (Stock Extended)
  • 3.2kg Weight Loaded
  • Next Gen Latest Version 2 Recoil Shock Engine & Gearbox
  • Bolt Hold Open Function
  • Modernised Rail System
  • Ambidextrous Fire Selector
  • Ambidextrous QD Sling Points
  • Quick Detach Flash Hider
  • 5 Position Adjustable Crane Stock
  • Rubber Buttpad
  • Adjustable Ironsights
  • Uses TM SOPMOD Batteries (Or Requires Lipo Conversion)
  • Rear Wired with Battery Stored in the Crane Stock 

*Please note these rifles do not come with any trademarks. This will cause a slight colour variance on the bodywork. Please call for further details.

                       Warranty Information

Please provide your VCRA defence details such as UKARA or Game Site Contact Details in the box provided on the checkout process.

We can ship all products including Replica Weapons to the UK and Europe, Replica Weapons Cannot be shipped outside of Europe but other goods (apart from batteries and gas) can. If you have any special requirments for your country or any special order requests please leave them in the comments box on checkout. All replica weapons are shipped by road only so please allow time for your order to arrive.

This rifle is sold with a 30 day internal only warranty stock, or 6 months with internal upgrade work, you must use only up to a 7.4V 20C Lithium Polymer Batteries. Any battery of greater power will void the warranty. Always disconnect the battery when not in use. Be sure to treat your rifle with care, firing only short controlled bursts and ensuring that only high quality bbs are used. If your rifle is returned and found to be jammed with poor BBs your warranty will be void and you will be charged for any required repairs.

Postage costs for returning your rifle to us will be covered by you the customer, we will cover all other costs incurred. By purchasing an airsoft weapon from us you agree to all information here covered.

For UK Customers Only -  all Airsoft Weapons we sell are subject to VCRA compliance, therefore you must ensure that you have a valid VCRA defence and are 18 years of age or older to purchase.

Please provide your VCRA defence details in the comments box on checkout, and / or email us your proof of VCRA excemption to

Anyone who  purchases a RIF and does not meet the requirements of VCRA will be charged a 10% restocking fee, so please be sure you know you have a defence before purchasing, any questions on this call us on 07902 159 127.

For those over 18 years of age who do not have VCRA defence simply select two-tone in the drop down menu next to each replica and we will two tone the item before shipping to you, this means you do not have to have any VCRA defence but must still be 18 years of age or older.



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