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External Parts

External Parts
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5KU AK Alpha KeyMod Lower & Upper Rail Set
This 5KU AK Alpha rail set includes an Aluminium KeyMod lower rail handguard and a CNC machined Alum..
Ex Tax: £65.83
5KU AK Railed Gas Tube
One of our most popular products the 5KU AK railed gas tube is a direct swap replacement part f..
Ex Tax: £20.83
5KU CNC Zenitco Style B-33 AK Top Rail Dust Cover (AEG)
This product needs to be used in conjunction with this B30/31 Rail Systems, it allows for the additi..
Ex Tax: £75.00
5KU M4 AEG Forward Assist (Silver)
An awesome looking aluminium Forward assist designed for use with M4 AEGs this product will look fan..
Ex Tax: £8.33
5KU Mid Length Tubular Keymod Rail for AK
This long aluminium Keymod Rail / Handguard from 5KU is strong and lightweight, these style of rails..
Ex Tax: £40.83
5KU Scope Mount for B10 / B30 Zenit Style Rail Systems
This small rail system sits above the standard rear sights for the attachment of red dot sights, it ..
Ex Tax: £11.67
5KU ZenitCo Style AK B10 Rail System
This B10 Style AK Rail looks fantastic on a variety of AKs and will fit the vast majority of AK AEGs..
Ex Tax: £46.67
A.P.S AK Steel Top Cover Ribbed
This AK top cover is constructed of steel and is ribbed and raised as per the AK74M Designation, thi..
Ex Tax: £12.00
Action Army Extended Scope Rail for Tokyo Marui M40A5
This CNC Machined 20mm Rail fits to the underside of TM M40A5 rifles to enable the use of any 2..
Ex Tax: £66.63
Action Army Extended Scope Rail for VSR10 / M700 Airsoft Sniper Rifles
This CNC Machined 20mm Rail fits to the underside of VSR-10 rifles to enable the use of any 20mm acc..
Ex Tax: £66.63
Action Army T10 / TM L96 / VSR-10 G-Spec Silencer Adaptor CCW
This Action Army muzzle adaptor allows for the attachment of standard 14mm CCW accessories such as f..
Ex Tax: £8.29
Action Army VSR-10 G-Spec / T10 Twisted Outer barrel Long
This excellent Action Army VSR-10 G-Spec / T-10 outer barrel has had helical grooves machined into i..
Ex Tax: £45.79
Airtech Studios Tanker Battery Extension for KWA VM 6 Ronin PDW & TK45 Airsoft AEGs
This battery adaptor / extension for KWA VM-6 Ronin PDW & TK45 allows for the storage of larger ..
Ex Tax: £18.33
Angel Custom Extended Mag Catch for MP5 / G3
The Angel Custom Extended Quick Release Magazine Catch allows shooter to release the magazine of a M..
Ex Tax: £32.50
ANGRY GUN Barrel Nut Washer Set
Dont waste time trying to get rail systems straight with crazy ideas and hope, purchase this set, jo..
Ex Tax: £11.25
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