Big-Dragon Salient Jailbreak Style 14" Rail Sytem

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Big-Dragon Salient Jailbreak Style 14" Rail Sytem

The Salient Jailbreak system combines a large rail mounted Muzzle Device with an incredibly sturdy quick detach rail system. This combination we will all agree looks fantastic and gives your rifle upper a fantastic ultra-modern look. The real steel jailbreak is designed to reduce flash and muzzle climb.

The Jailbreak device can be easily removed from the front of the rail system by way of a simple push button release design. In much the same manner the entire rail system may be detached from your rifle.

These rails come as standard with AEG threaded barrel nuts dedigned to fit G&P and other TM compatable M4s without adjustment, if you have a PTW, WE, GHK etc. then you can have a barrel nut built or the existing barrel nut rethreaded etc. We are happy to help you with this, please leave a note in the comments box if you will require our assistance with sourcing a new barrel nut or getting the current nut modded. 


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