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Rail Systems & Handguards

Rail Systems & Handguards
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(DELAYED AT CUSTOMS) Pre-Order Due 10/04/2021 - 5KU CNC Zenitco Style B-33 AK Top Rail Dust Cover (AEG)
This product needs to be used in conjunction with this B30/31 Rail Systems, it allows for the additi..
Ex Tax: £89.00
5KU Scope Mount for B10 / B30 Zenit Style Rail Systems B-22
This small rail system sits above the standard rear sights for the attachment of red dot sights, it ..
Ex Tax: £11.67
AngryGun Barrel Nut Washer Set
Dont waste time trying to get rail systems straight with crazy ideas and hope, purchase this set, jo..
Ex Tax: £11.25
AngryGun BC MCMR 8" M-LOK Rail System For M4 (AEG, PTW, GBB, MWS)
This replica BCM M-LOK Rail gives you a full-length topside 20mm rail and seven rows of M-LOK to ens..
Ex Tax: £103.33
AngryGun L119A2 Rail System (Short)
This excellent L119A2 Rail System is 235mm Long and perfect for any L119A2 build. The A2 rail is ..
Ex Tax: £109.67
AngryGun MK16 M-LOK Rail  9.3" / 13.5" Gen.2 Version (DDC / BK)
This excellent MK16 Rail System comes in either 9.3" or 13.5" and is perfect for any modern Blo..
Ex Tax: £99.17
AngryGun SA80A3 Rail System (G&G AEG / W.E GBBR)
The SA80A2 served the UK well in both Afghanistan and Iraq and has proven itself to be a solid rifle..
Ex Tax: £165.83
ARMY FORCE Aluminum Rail Set for MOE Handguard (Dark Earth)
For those who are put off by the polymer construction of the Magpul MOE Style Rail panels this Alumi..
Ex Tax: £12.00
Big Dragon - G-Style 9.5" SMR Rail for V.2 416 AEG / Marui Next Gen Recoil TM416 / Umarex 416 Series (Black / Brown / DE)
This ultra high quality SMR Style rail system is designed for use with the Standard V.2 416 AEGs, To..
Ex Tax: £100.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Big Dragon - G-Style SMR MK4 Rail for M4 AEG 7" & 9.5" (Black / Dark Earth)
This ultra high quality SMR Style rail system is designed for use with M4 AEGs. With a high quality ..
Ex Tax: £75.00
Big-Dragon - ZenitCo Style AK B30/B31 Extended Rail System
We managed to get our hands on just 12 of these rail systems after almost 2 years of not being able ..
Ex Tax: £106.67
CYMA AK Modular Key-Mod Handguard Long
These fantastic Modular rail systems from CYMA look and feel amazing, with an incredibly modern edge..
Ex Tax: £66.66
DCA M-LOK Mounted Wiring Organiser
These 14mm square, 4mm tall M-LOK sections allow you to neatly secure the wiring from Torches, Laser..
Ex Tax: £8.33
DYTAC SMR MK1 15inch DMR Conversion Kit for Marui AEG (Black)
This rail and barrel set is made from cnc machined Aluminum and is designed for use with all standar..
Ex Tax: £157.50
Fortis Revolution Style M4 Free Floating Rail System - 12"
This extremely lightweight yet robust free floating rail system utilises a 1 piece body design that ..
Ex Tax: £83.33
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