Big-Dragon - ZenitCo Style AK B30/B31 Extended Rail System

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Brand: Big-Dragon
Product Code: (SK3207) Big-Dragon Zenit B30 AK Rail
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Big-Dragon - ZenitCo Style AK B30/B31 Extended Rail System

We managed to get our hands on just 12 of these rail systems after almost 2 years of not being able to track any down, these are rare ar rocking horse poo so any serious AK lovers out there best purchase fast to avoid dissapointment.

Some minor modification maybe required namely filing down the adaptor plate at the base of the rail to fit into your AKs receiver, this should be done slowly and gradually to ensure a tight fit. We also suggest gluing or using loctite on the screws at the base of the rail to lock this part in as it is not required to be removed and if it comes loose it requires you to remove the rail to tigthen.

The length of this rail system allows you to mount a whole host of rail accessories and also looks fantastic.


  • ZenitCo Style
  • Made by Big-Dragon
  • B30+B31 Full Length Rail Set
  • Black Finish
  • Aluminum Construction
  • CNC Machined
  • 20mm Rail System
  • Mounts to a Multitude of AKs (some may require a little fettling)

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