ProWin CNC HopUp chamber for Marui M4 AEG

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Product Code: (SK536) ProWin CNC al HopUp chamber for Marui M4 AEG
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ProWin CNC HopUp chamber for Marui M4 AEG

For almost a year now we at Dave's Custom Airsoft have used Pro-Win hop chambers in every single rifle build or upgrade job we have done, the performance increase is unbelievable especially when you consider the ease of fitting.

The CNC machined construction of these hop units Improves the overall firmness of the Hop-Up chamber & stabilizes the muzzle velocity which offers enhanced consistency and accuracy.

The highly precisice CNC construction also results in a tight fir to the barrel base this not only helps to keep the chamber centered but also increased the quality of the air seal increasing fps.

Unlike plastic chambers which would bend & de-shape, Pro-Wins Provide unrivaled stability and consistency, they also allow you to make far finer hop adjustments that you can with a standard hop unit be it plastic or metal.



  • Aluminium Construction
  • Blue Finish
  • High Precision CNC Machined
  • Best Hop Unit On the Market
  • Ideal with 50 - 70 Degree Hop Rubbers
  • Fine Hop Unit Adjustments through the Dial Wheel Design
  • Hop Up is easier to change than the small wheel type
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Increased Consistency
  • Increased Range
  • Improved Air Seal
  • Looks Fantastic



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