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AEG Gearboxes & Gearbox Shells

AEG Gearboxes & Gearbox Shells
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Bullgear A&K M249 / PKM CNC Aluminium Gearbox Shell (9mm)
This CNC Machined gearbox shell from Bullgear is top of the line when it comes to upgrading the crim..
Ex Tax: £124.17
G&P V.2 Complete Gearbox, 8mm Bearings, Rear Wired to Deans (M120 Spring as Standard)
This G&P V.2 Complete Gearbox comes with 8mm Bearings and is Rear Wired to Deans. It has an M120..
Ex Tax: £115.83
Guarder Enhanced Gearbox Shell Ver.3 (Marui Compatable)
This Guarder Geabox Shell Will provide an excellent base from which to build a new or upgrade your e..
Ex Tax: £31.00
Modify Complete Gear Box AK-47 (Rear Wired, High Speed, SP100, 8mm Bushings)
This premium quality gearbox features the very best of Modifys components compiled into 1 drop in ge..
Ex Tax: £245.83
Modify Torus reinforced V2 Gearbox Shell (8mm)
This high quality and Unique upgrade gearbox shell from modify displays incredible attention to deta..
Ex Tax: £57.50
Modify Torus Steel AEG Gearbox Screw Set
These screws are designed for use with Modify Torus Gearbox Shells. Don't risk using threaded screws..
Ex Tax: £6.66
Retro-Arms - CNC gearbox SOPMOD M4 TM (8mm)
A CNC Machined Version of the Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock M4 Gearbox Shell this shell allows for use of..
Ex Tax: £120.00
Retro-Arms CNC Gearbox V3 (8mm Bearings), Quick Spring Change & Speed Trigger
A CNC Machined Version 3 Gearbox Shell from Retro-Arms this gearbox shell boasts extreme strength an..
Ex Tax: £116.67
Specna Arms 8mm Advanced Complete V.2 Gearbox (Rear Wired)
This Specna Arms V2 Advanced gearbox is a great drop in replacement the majority of standard V2 M4 /..
Ex Tax: £66.66
ZCI Stainless AEG V2 Gearbox Screw Set
ZCI Stainless AEG V2 Gearbox Screw Set These screws are designed for use with V2 Gearbox Shells. ..
Ex Tax: £3.75
ZCI Stainless AEG V3 Gearbox Screw Set
ZCI Stainless AEG V3 Gearbox Screw Set These screws are designed for use with V3 Gearbo..
Ex Tax: £3.75
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