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Mosfets / ECUs / Wiring / Switch Assemblies

Mosfets / ECUs / Wiring / Switch Assemblies
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CYMA V3 Trigger Trolley Set
This CYMA replacement V3 trigger contacts set is an ideal replacement for any damaged or broken V3 s..
Ex Tax: £2.92
Gate Aster Basic Module (Rear / Front Wired)
 ASTER V2 is a younger brother of well-known TITAN V2. This world's first 4th generation AEG Co..
Ex Tax: £54.16
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GATE ASTER Quantum Trigger 1A1 (Silver, Satin Black, Matt Black)
This trigger has been designed by gate to work exclusively with the GATE ASTER V2 mosfet, it will no..
Ex Tax: £21.67
Gate Blu-link for Gate Control Station
Blu-Link allows for wireless management of your GATE ETU via GCS App for iOS, Android and later this..
Ex Tax: £49.99
Gate TITAN Tactical Programming Card
This programming card allows you to adjust some setting on your Gate Titan mosfet on the move with m..
Ex Tax: £22.50
Gate TITAN V.2 Basic (Rear  Wired / Front Wired)
  GATE Electronics - Mosfet Only,..
Ex Tax: £66.66
Gate TITAN V2 Next Gen Recoil Shock Advanced Set (Rear  Wired / Front Wired)
Transform your Tokyo Marui Next Generation AEG into an advanced trainin..
Ex Tax: £132.50
Gate Warfet Power Module
WARFET is GATE’s most advanced AEG Control System. It has 20 functions and almost 6 million possible..
Ex Tax: £40.83
Gate X-ASR
X-ASR is the world’s first 4th generation MOSFET protected against reverse polarity. It saves space,..
Ex Tax: £17.49
Prometheus Next Gen M4 Stock Pin Conversion Kit
  Laylax (Prometheus) - M4 Gold Stock Terminal Conversion Kit For M4/H..
Ex Tax: £27.08
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