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Chest Rigs, Vests, Plate Carriers, Boots & Belts

Chest Rigs, Vests, Plate Carriers, Boots & Belts
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EMERSON 1.5" Utility Belt EM9250 (Black / Multicam / ATACS-FG)
This high strength Nylon 1.5" Utility belt is built for strength and reliabilty under extreme condit..
Ex Tax: £24.99
EMERSON Assaulters Panel for Plate Carrier / Drop Leg Panel Pistol Triple Open Top EM9337 (Coyote Brown / Multicam)
This EMERSON Assault Panel is for use with Chest Rigs or Drop Leg Panels and can be easily added and..
Ex Tax: £47.49
EMERSON CP AVS Heavy Tactical Vest EM7397 (Black / ATACS-FG / Coyote Brown)
The AVS Vest is without doubt the most comfortable vest available on the market today, its unique mo..
Ex Tax: £108.33
EMERSON CP Style Tactical Vest EM7400 (Black / Coyote Brown)
The CP Style Vest is one of the most comfortable vests available on the market today, its unique mod..
Ex Tax: £108.33
EMERSON JPC Plate Carrier With Plates EM7344 (ATACS-FG / Coyote Brown / Black)
This incredibly popular Plate Carrier from Emerson is made from 1000D Codura Nylon and comes complet..
Ex Tax: £66.66
EMERSON Lightweight Assault Rig EM7450 (ATACS-FG / Multicam)
This high quality lightweight chest rig allows for the carriage of 4 x 5.56mm Size NATO magazines an..
Ex Tax: £55.00
EMERSON Micro Fight Assault Rig EM 9283 (Coyote Brown)
This high quality lightweight chest rig allows for the carriage of 6 x 5.56mm Size NATO magazines, 1..
Ex Tax: £74.17
EMERSON MOLLE Assault Belt EM9086 (Black / Foliage Green / ATACS-FG)
This High Speed Low Drag Emerson MOLLE Assault Belt can be used as a standalone basis for a belt rig..
Ex Tax: £30.83
EMERSON MP7 Drop Leg Holster EM6212 (Black / ATACS-FG / Multicam)
This EMERSON drop leg MP7 Holster provides space for both your MP7 and for a spare MP7 magazine in o..
Ex Tax: £39.17
Emerson SAPI Plate Pair EM7074
These high quality SAPI Plates are designed for use with a variety of plate carriers, they are 2nd g..
Ex Tax: £8.33
EMERSON SPC Tactical Vest EM7320 (Foliage Green)
This incredibly well built SPC vest is highly padded to ensure maximum comfort when heavily loaded. ..
Ex Tax: £95.83
EMERSON Utility Belt Pad EM5750 (Black / Multicam / ATACS-FG / Coyote Brown)
This extemely well padded Emerson Utility Pad is designed for use with tactical riggers belts etc. i..
Ex Tax: £45.83
Vemont Lightweight Military Boot (Size 44)
Shoes for special tasks, for someone who wants the highest quality, reliability and maximum function..
Ex Tax: £25.00
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