Edge Eyewear - Ballistic Vapor Shield Anti-Fog Glasses Clear

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Edge Eyewear - Ballistic Vapor Shield Anti-Fog Glasses Clear

Eye protection is one thing not to scrimp on, you cannot put a price on being able to see. For this reason these glasses are fully rated for your comfort, safety and peace of mind.

Edge Eyewear is committed to maximizing eye safety. This serious responsibility requires rigorous testing to ensure compliance with the highest national standards. Every pair of Edge glasses is subjected to the toughest tests - because tough tests create tough glasses. When it comes to something as valuable as eyesight, we wouldn't manufacture anything less than the best.

Edge Eyewear became the first company ever to successfully produce ANSI Compliant Polarized Safety Lenses. There are two methodologies to produce polarized lenses. One method, called "thermoforming" or "heat stamping", has never produced polarized film lenses that are strong or thick enough to withstand the intense impact tests required by the ANSI Z87+ and MCEPS standards. Polycarbonate injection molded lenses, pioneered by Edge Eyewear, contain ionized crystals that filter light in a similar manner as polarized film, yet leave the lenses thick enough to withstand the intense impact standards required by ANSI Z87+ and Military MCEPS Standards.

All Edge Eyewear is tested in independent laboratories COLTS for compliance with;

  • ANSI Z87.1+2010
  • Military Ballistic MCEPS GL-PD 10-12

VAPOR SHIELD Anti-Fog Clear lens: Our best lens for indoor and low light activities and conditions. Like all Edge Eyewear, the clear lens provides 99.9% protections from UVA/UVB/UVC rays. 85% of the total amount of light passes through this lens.
* VAPOR SHIELD - Most situations can be handled with Standard Anti-Fog, but for extreme environments, Edge Eyewear developed a revolutionary anti-fog coating called "Vapor Shield." It is absolutely impervious to fog.

Caution: Safety glasses provide protection from dangerous impact that can be caused by metal shavings, wood chips, sparks, and general construction site or recreational hazards. Although they are compliant and tested to exceed the safety standards listed, they are not unbreakable. Supplemental protectors such as goggles or face shields should be used when large amounts of flying particles are present. DO NOT use this eyewear for protection from arc welding, laser light, chemicals, or where high levels of infrared radiation are present.

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