558 Style Holographic + FTS Magnifier Combo Set With Markings (Black / Dark Earth)

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558 Style Holographic + FTS Magnifier Combo Set (Black / Dark Earth)

These combination sets combine 2 fully marked optics both designed to work perfectly in conjunction with one and other. As some may have found using other holo sights and FTS magnifiers can result in the two not lining up sufficiently, this set solves that issue.

These 558 style holographic sights are some of the best holographic sights on the market and are crisp and clear in their optical clarity. With 10 brightness levels these sights can be adjusted to suit any light conditions.

The 3 x FTS sight comes with a QD Throw lever for attachment to 20mm rail systems and also comes with a riser to perfectly adjust the magnifiers height. All importantly the magnifier is windage and elevation adjustable to achieve perfect zero with the 558 holographic also included. The magnifier is supplied with a protective rubber cover, however, this can be removed if desired, we think it looks rather cool and serves a good purpose though.

This optic combination looks fantastic on Devgrus, Delta Customs and basically any other rifle you can think of, excellently detailed with high quality optical clarity this set is one to get hold of.


  • 558 + 3x FTS Magnifier Set
  • Black and Dark Earth Sets Available
  • Fits all 20mm rail
  • 10 brightness levels / Green Holo
  • Power safe feature, automatic power-off in 2 hours
  • Shockproof and weather proof material
  • Both sights windage and elevation adjustable
  • Full Markings and QR codes
  • Excellent external finish
  • Line up perfectly
  • Looks great on any rifle










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