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Torches, Lasers & PEQ Boxes

Torches, Lasers & PEQ Boxes
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Asura Dynamics Russian 2DPS Flash Light
The Asura Dynamics 2DPS Flash Light replicates the Russians real steel flashlight. Since it has the ..
Ex Tax: £113.50
Blackcat Airsoft PEQ-15A DBAL-A2 With IR Laser Devices (Black / DE)
These fantastic PEQ-15 DBAL A-2 With IR & Visible Red Laser from Blackcat boast full alumin..
Ex Tax: £215.00
CR2032 - 3V Button Cell Battery (For T1, RMR, Vision King, DR, Specter etc.)
CR2032 - 3V Button Cell Battery (For T1, RMR, Vision King, DR, Specter etc.) Fed up of paying £3...
Ex Tax: £0.75
Element Dual Rail Mounted Torch / PEQ Switch (Black / Dark Earth)
Ideal for use with LA-5 / PEQ 15 by Element and WMX-200 by Element but will work with other devices...
Ex Tax: £25.00
Element LLM Laser Light Module (IR Laser, IR Torch, Vis Red Laser, Torch - New Type) Black / DE
Designed to fit to any 20mm Rail system this laser light module can be used in conjunction with any ..
Ex Tax: £79.17
Element PEQ-15 / WMX-200 & Dual Switch Block III Combo with IR light (Black / DE)
These excellent Block II Sets include the Element WMX-200 Flashlight with markings, Element PEQ-15 W..
Ex Tax: £116.67
FMA Haley Strategic Style Centre-Mounted Torch Mount
This Haley Strategic Style Torch mount attaches to a 20mm rail system and allows you to off-set moun..
Ex Tax: £16.66
FMA PEQ-15 - Laser (Red and IR) Light Illuminator Combo
This FMA PEQ-15 Laser Light Combination Box represents one of the best value for money products we h..
Ex Tax: £56.50
G&P MP5 Handguard with CREE LED Flashlight
During a skirmish game, blind your enemy in the dark with this powerful handguard flashlight from G&..
Ex Tax: £38.33
Night Evolution Dual Function Tape Switch
This Night Evolution Dual 20mm Mounted pressure switch allows you to connect your pressure switch to..
Ex Tax: £22.00
Night Evolution M971 Super Bright LED Tactical Railed Weaponlight (Black)
The Night Evolution Series of Torches are the best available on the airsoft market, being 1:1 replic..
Ex Tax: £75.00
NUPROL - PEQ 15 LA-5 Battery Box (Black / Tan)
For thos amongst us that like a rifle with a skeleton stock or perhaps even with no stock but they a..
Ex Tax: £12.50
Pre-Order* (Due 21/11/2019) Blackcat Airsoft PEQ-15A DBAL-A2 Visible Laser Devices (Black / DE)
These fantastic PEQ-15 DBAL A-2 With Visible Red Laser from Blackcat boast full aluminium ..
Ex Tax: £162.50
SBAL-PL Weaponlight & Laser (Black / DE)
The powerful SBAL-PL is a Weaponlight and Laser suitable for use with both pistols and rifles. It fe..
Ex Tax: £79.17
Surefire Style M300B LED Scout Light, 400 Lumens (Black / DE)
The M300 Mini LED Light uses Cree Q5 Leds which produce 400 lumens of brightness. With an easy screw..
Ex Tax: £41.66
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