CYMA 20mm Rail Mounted Torch Mount

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CYMA 20mm Rail Mounted Torch Mount (Black)

This CYMA 20mm Mounted Torch Mount is extremely popular with our customers, its unique Tactical Design, high quality Polymer Construction and Low-Price point make this a very attractive option when looking for a mount for your scope of laser. The quick detach feauture of this Mount also means it can be added to and taken off of your 20mm Rail in Seconds without the need for tools.

Finished in a matt black and able to hold any 1" or 25mm Diamater accessory this mount can be used to hold Torches, Lasers & even Sights & Scopes. This mount also feautures a retention screw for extra security so you can play happily knowing you accessories are safe.


  • High Impact Polymer Construction
  • 20mm Rail Mounted
  • QD Mount Mechanism
  • Suitable for Lasers & Torches with 1" or 25mm diameters
  • Torch or Laser is secured by a screw for extra security 
  • Matte black Finish 
  • 46g Weight

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