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NUPROL 1100mah 7.4v 20c Lipo Stick Type
7.4v 20c Discharge Rate 1100 mah Fits M4 Stock Tubes etc. Ideal for TM Next Gen Rifles ...
Ex Tax: £11.25
PTS - EPM Next Gen Recoil Shock AEG M4/TM416/SCAR 30/120rnds Magazine (Black / DE)
The standard AEG versions of this magazines have over the last few yeas gained wide renown as the be...
Ex Tax: £22.92
Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Hop-Up Bucking Soft Type (Purple)
These are literally the most popular Buckings we sell and are massively in demand, they are becoming...
Ex Tax: £10.42
Magpul Style CTR Stock With Machined Out Battery Storage Butt Pad (Black / Tan) Fits Next Gen AEGs
The Magpul CTR is a drop-in replacement buttstock for any M4 Buffer Tube. Designed for light, fast a...
Ex Tax: £57.50
Surefire Style X300 Replica Pistol Torch - 500 Lumens (black, Tan)
This torch delivers a stunning 500-lumen beam focused by a precision TIR lens. Its specially se...
Ex Tax: £51.00
558 Style - Holographic Sight (Black / Dark Earth / Red)
These 558 style holographic sights are some of the best holographic sights on the market and are cri...
Ex Tax: £62.50
Magpul Style CTR Stock With Extended Butt Pad (Black / Tan)
The Magpul CTR is a drop-in replacement buttstock for any M4 Buffer Tube. Designed for light, fast a...
Ex Tax: £25.00
PTS EPM1 M4 AEG Mid-Cap Magazine 250rnds Capacity (Black / DE)
Cerakote is available, tick the Cerakote box, check which colour you want here https://www.cera...
Ex Tax: £22.91
Prometheus Soft & Hard Hop Up Tensioner for AEG (Flat Type)
Designed to provide maximum surface area engagement from hop to BB these Flat type Tensioners or Nub...
Ex Tax: £11.67
558 Style Holographic + G33 FTS Magnifier Combo Set With Markings (Black / Dark Earth)
These combination sets combine 2 fully marked optics both designed to work perfectly in conjunction ...
Ex Tax: £132.00
Airlab Sorbothane Pad (70D hardness) V2 / V3 / Next Gen AEG
Sorbothane cylinder head pad, supplied with a protective shield. It simply glues onto the cylinder h...
Ex Tax: £5.83
Big-Dragon Butterfly Charging Handle for AEG M4 Series (Black)
Built from Aluminium these M4 charging handles are one of our most popular products as they are an a...
Ex Tax: £19.00
Geiselle Style Offset Scope Mount Black / DE (For 30mm Scopes)
This High Strength well finished Geiselle Style Off-Set Mount is compatable with any 20mm Rail Syste...
Ex Tax: £36.67
Element Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch, 20mm, Keymod & M-LOK (Black / DE)
This Element Dual 20mm Mounted pressure switch allows you to connect your pressure switch to a 20mm ...
Ex Tax: £23.33
Guarder AEG Spring (SP85/90/100/110/120/130/140/150)
The Guarder SP Series of springs are some of the best possible AEG main springs on the market and ar...
Ex Tax: £10.25


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