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Cerakote Work

Cerakote Work available at Dave's Custom Airsoft LTD

Cerakote is an incredibly hard wearing Ceramic paint coating that is baked on (for H or Elite Series) or air cured (for C Series) this gives unrivalled strength and durability. Cerakote increases the value of your replica, personalises it and improves service life and durability. We offer a 20% Discount from Retail Price for B2B / Wholesale customers. We do not currently handle any live fire-arms as we do not have an RFD licence.

Cerakote is available in a wide range of colours, the most widely used type of Cerakote is the H-Series which can be used on Metal, Plastic, Polymer and Wood, The full list of colours available can be found here We have Cerakoted Airsoft Replicas, Land Rover Axles, motorbike parts, garden ornaments, glasses and watches to name but a few. If your product will not survive at 80c + we can use C Series Cerakote which air cures in 48 hours.

*Please note if your receiver has markings that you want filled in this will show through the surface finish of the Cerakote. Also, items in very poor condition may still show signs of damage under the Cerakote finish. Be aware Cerakote is an extremely thin hard wearing surface treatment, markings that appear on your parts may show through the surface finish.

If you want laser engravings we suggest contacting Bound-stone Engraving  01252

Courier Collect & Return: 1 Way £10.99 // 2 Way £20

Disassembly / Reassembly labour is charged at £30 per hour, for items which we are not confident in disassembling we will request they be supplied in 100% disassembled condition.

If you are already sending your rifle in for internal work, the disassembly/reassembly fee will be covered by the standard labour charge. Of course, you can disassemble and reassemble yourself if you wish.

If you purchase a RIF from us and select the Cerakote option we will disassemble and reassemble free of charge.

Block Colour Cerakote Price List (1 Colour per Part)
Pistol Slide & Small Parts: £65
Pistol Frame & Small Parts: £65
Complete Pistol: £130
Rifle Upper Receiver: £70
Rifle Lower Receiver: £70
Rifle Rail System / Handguard: £80
Rifle Polymer Furniture Parts: £30 Each
Complete Rifle: £260
Small Accessories: £40
Large Accessories: £65
Bolt Action Complete Rifle: £170
Shotgun: £200
Other – Price on Request

To arrange Cerakote work simply get in touch with us using any of the methods below and we will happily discuss your requirements with you and ensure you are a happy customer.

Telephone Number: (+44) 01252 715 777

Shipping Address
Dave's Custom Airsoft LTD
Unit K The Factory
Crondall Lane
Near Farnham

Here are some examples of our completed Cerakote work: