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DCA - FN FAL Modernised

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DCA - FN FAL Modernised

Dave has always loved the FN FAL and the SLR, having played the new Call Of Duty recently this love has grown, why should a rifle first built in the 1950's not be able to be capable of accepting a host of modern accessories, it actually turns out that the FN FAL is ideal for this purpose. You will see a screen shot of the rifle I use in the Call Of Duty and essentially that has been the inspiration for this build. We also added a torch setup with you can add and remove as you see fit that allows you to play night games, the Angry Gun SF216A Flash Hider can also accept an Angry Gun suppressor should you wish to run a tin can, or, alternatively you can fit an ace-tech lighter-S to use a tracer setup with this rifle. This rifle has a custom machined muzzle collar that allows for the attachment of standard 14mm CCW accessories instead of the unusual 12mm original threading. 

Built of an Ares L1A1 SLR we have custom machined the top cover with a full length 20mm rail system, this is lighter than the Ares railed top cover and also provides twice the rail space, it also looks alot better. As well as this we have machined 2 extra slots in the handguard to match the rifle on COD and it must be said that this makes the front end look far more modern. This rifle comes with 2 Bolt on 20mm rail sections which can be added to any of the slots in the handguard and we have also bolted a 20mm rail section to the bottom of the handguard to which we have added a Magpul AFG-2. 

The rifle is painted in sand with brown striping and given a worn look to settle the colours and enhance the looks, the optics, flash hider, magazine and all other accessories have been left black to contrast, it also allows you to use these items on other rifles. For optics we have chosen a 558 Holo Style sight with a G.33 Magnifier in tandem, this provides excellent optics for short to medium range engagements. 

Internally we have wired the rifle to deans, fitted a Promethues EG 6.03mm 550mm Steel Inner Barrel, Prometheus Flat Hop Tensioner and Prometheus Purple bucking. The gearbox has been re-shimmed and the gearbox cleaned and lubricated, this rifle is powered by a Guarder SP120 spring which provides 358fps hop full off and settle at arround 330 with hop in a suitable position to spin .28s with ease. This rifle is also fitted with the Ares L1A1 full auto fire selector so this is a truly all purpose battle rifle and not a DMR. This rifle is to be used with 7.4v lipos only and comes with a 6 month internal warranty. 

You will find a full list of parts and a cost breakdown below, this rifle has taken 20+ hours of work to complete. 

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1 x Ares L1A1 SLR AEG (Polymer Furniture) - £479.80
Deans Battery Connector Required

1 x Ares L1A1 SLR Full Auto Fire Selector - £11.00

1 x Prometheus EG 6.03mm AEG / Next Gen. Steel Inner Barrel - £58.01
EG Inner Barrel Length : 550mm

1 x Prometheus Soft & Hard Hop Up Tensioner for AEG (Flat Type) - £13.00

1 x Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Hop-Up Bucking Soft Type (Purple) - £10.99

1 x Guarder AEG Spring (SP120) - £11.99

1 x 558 Style - Holographic Sight (Black) - £71.40

1 x G33 Style FTS Magnifier (Black) - £89.99

1 x ANGRY GUN SF216A Flash Hider (14mm CCW) - £39.00

1 x Surefire Style M600B LED Scout Light, 400 Lumens (Black) - £59.80

1 x Night Evolution Dual Function Tape - £26.40

1 x FMA Haley Strategic Style Off-Set Torch Mount - £19.99

1 x ARMY FORCE Aluminum Rail Set for MOE Handguard (Black) - £14.40

2 x ASG Keymod Rail Panel Set - 3 Pack (Black) £27.98

1 x Magpul Style AFG 1 (Black) - £13.19

10 x Hours Labour at £20 per hour - £200

Sub-Total - £955.78
VAT (20%) - £191.16
Total - £1,146.94

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