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Element 20mm Rail Cover Kit mod.3 (Black / DE)
This 8 Piece Element Mod.3 Rail Cover Set comprises of 8 well crafted High Density Nylon Rail Panels..
Ex Tax: £9.99
Element 4 Piece Rail Set For Magpul MOE Handguard (Black, Dark Earth)
The Element 4-Piece Rail Sets can be used to rail a vast majority of rifles, featuring a simple nut ..
Ex Tax: £9.99
Element 7mm Bearings
Element 7mm metal bearings for use with all 7mm Gearbox Shells. These bearings are perf..
Ex Tax: £10.42
Element AEG Shim Set (18 Pieces)
Shims are vital to ensuring your gears are perfectly aligned, which will result in your gearbox work..
Ex Tax: £3.50
Element Airsoft Gen. 2 Helmet Light, White / Red / IR Led Gen II (Black / DE)
These fantastic Element Airsoft Gen.2 Helmet mounted lights provide, Red, IR and white light as requ..
Ex Tax: £24.99
Element Airsoft MPLS3 Helmet Light, White / Red / Green / IR Led (Black / DE)
These fantastic Element Airsoft MPLS3 Helmet mounted lights provide, Red, Green, IR and white light ..
Ex Tax: £27.50
Element Aluminium Cylinder Head for Ver.3 AEG
Lets face it, what your gearbox looks like is equally as important to many airsofters as the externa..
Ex Tax: £10.50
Element Dual Rail Mounted Torch / PEQ Switch (Black / Dark Earth)
Ideal for use with LA-5 / PEQ 15 by Element and WMX-200 by Element but will work with other devices...
Ex Tax: £25.00
Element LLM Laser Light Module (IR Laser, IR Torch, Vis Red Laser, Torch - New Type) Black / DE
Designed to fit to any 20mm Rail system this laser light module can be used in conjunction with any ..
Ex Tax: £79.17
Element LR QD Universal Forward Grip (OD)
This Element 20mm Mounted LR QD Vertical Foregrp features a high quality Quick Detach lever mount de..
Ex Tax: £12.00
Element M125 ST Spring for AEG (Oil Temper Wire)
1x Element M125 Spring, Should Supply 410fps +/- 10fps in Most AEG Set-Ups The Element M125 is a ..
Ex Tax: £8.33
Element M4 AEG Sniper Grip Black
This is an Element Manufactured Pistol grip that comes complete with sniper grip base plate, ideal f..
Ex Tax: £12.50
Element M4 Delta Ring and Butt Stock Tube wrench
These Element Barrel Nut Wrenches enable you to quickly and easily remove and tighten the majority o..
Ex Tax: £8.33
Element O-Ring for Piston Head (1pc)
Maintaining A Maximum quality air seal is vital in ensuring the optimum performance of your AEG and ..
Ex Tax: £4.00
Element Off-Set 20mm Vertical Grip (Black)
This Off-Set Vertical grip mounts directly to your 20mm rail system providing a strong and strudy li..
Ex Tax: £11.67


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