PERUN V3 AEG Optical Mosfet

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Mosfet Installation :

PERUN V3 AEG Optical Mosfet

Perun V3 Optical is a device that replaces mechanical contacts in version 3 gearboxes with an electronic circuit based on MOSFET transistors and adds a multitude of new functions to your replica.

Elimination of mechanical contacts solves the problem of their gradual wear. MOSFET transistors utilized in Perun V3 Optical have a much lower resistance than contacts, which also increases rate of fire. 

Small elements in the trigger mechanism responsible for semi-automatic fire frequently malfunction, especially in replicas built on parts made by many different manufacturers. Perun V3 Optical minimizes the number of moving parts in your replica, increasing reliability and ensuring proper functioning of all firing modes. 

Perun V3 Optical itself has no moving parts at all thanks to use of optical sensors for gear, trigger and selector plate detection.


  • Microcontroller
  • 2 to 5 round burst
  • Optical Sensors
  • Active Brake
  • Pre-cocking for fast trigger response
  • Battery Protection
  • Selector & Trigger programmed
  • Muldental silicone wire
  • Max ROF 50 rounds per second
  • Will fit E&L, LCT, G&G, Ultimate, A&K, PJ, JG, Cyma
  • Unplug battery after use
  • Rugged Design
  • Easy to install

Mosfet Installation 

Place Your Order On Our Website, Tick the Mosfet Installation Box Above, You can add other compatible parts to your order that you want installed, select Pickup in Store on checkout. Post or Drop your rifle into us to the below address with a cover note containing your Name, Order Number and what you want us to do with your rifle, details or return address Etc. The cost of return postage is included in the installation price above. We will contact you to confirm receipt and return your rifle 7-10 days later, 6 months warranty on all works carried out.

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